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Best 3 Blue Cars To Drive And Buy In 2020

indigo blue car audi s5 b9

For all of you who are looking to buy or drive a blue color car in 2020 – list of best looking blue cars in 2020! Of course, those are our favourites, maybe you prefer blue color Fiat 500, we won’t judge you. Let’s go.

#1 Indigo Blue Audi S5 B9 Sportback

Indigo blue Audi S5 B9 Sportback known as Swiss Audi S5 on Instagram (@swiss.s5), driven by guy called Predrag. Predrag, you have a great taste for cars and colors. This combination of indigo blue and Audi S5 goes together like bread and butter. Keep going.

#2 Indigo Blue Peugeot 308 GTI

As you can see, it is obvious that our favourite car paint color is – indigo blue. But, maybe indigo blue is just a great car paint color? Hm. You decide. This indigo blue Peugeot 308 GTI looks great on snow, ice and sun, also. Take your time, photos are below. This Peugeot is based in Monza, Italy. By the way, combination of indigo blue car paint and metallic-matte black alloy rims is just perfect.

#3 Metallic Blue Opel Insignia

Metallic Blue Opel Insignia… Isn’t it just great for wannabe badass fathers who need to drive their kids around and need space, and for hubbies who aren’t allowed to buy BMW M5? Ideal (and cheaper) BMW and Audi substitute which will be loved even by your wifey (and wallet). Just joking around. Great car. This one one blue Opel Insignia is located at Autohaus Thiede near Schoningen (or something like that).

How To Keep Blue Color Car Paint Shiny? How To Care About Your Blue Color Car?

To keep your blue paint car shiny and in good condition sometimes you will need to wash it from top to bottom. Yes, it’s necessary. High pressure washers can cause hard damage on your paint and varnish and it is better to wash it by your hands and appropriate equipment. Here are some products you’ll need for keeping your car (and yourself) happy:

Alternative to Chemical Guys products are here:

And if you only need brushes, here are the brush kits for interior and exterior car care:

Take care of your car. If you don’t know how to do it in safest way hire a pro! Good luck!

Photos: Instagram

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